BH Services

Outpatient Services include transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), diagnostic assessments; individual, group, and family psychotherapy, case management, and medication management.

Diagnostic Assessment

serving children, adolescents and adults who require a diagnostic evaluation, either in fulfillment of the pre-admission requirement to any individual service or as an independent service.

Case Management/Community Psychiatric Support Services /Care Coordination

designed to provide services to clients and families who require more intense utilization of community resources. Case managers provide coordination of services, advocacy, skill building, monitoring, and education to improve functioning.

Individual, Group, and Family Therapy

As a structured service, behavioral health and counseling services probe deeply into feelings, needs, and causes. With sessions scheduled over a period of time, the therapist is able to introduce subjects of deep concern to the client and to work systematically toward long-term change. The counseling process concerns itself with the gradual development of self-awareness and judgment; adoption of positive attitudes and values; management of anxiety, anger, and frustration; acquisition of problem-solving and human relation skills, safety plan development and implementation; and other lasting character change.

Medication/Pharmacologic Management

this program is lead by our Medical team of Psychiatrists and Nurse Practitoners. Complete Psychiatric Evaluations are done to determine if the client has any biological irregularities causing symptoms of a mental health disorder, which may require psychiatric intervention. Once the need is determined, the psychiatric team may then provide medication management by prescribing and supervising psychiatric medication.